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Roles and Responsibilities of Management Committee

Trustee Development for an Organisation

This course would be tailored to suit the particular needs of the organisation.  It is suggested that all the Trustees(Management Committee members) and key staff attend together.  The discussions can be focused more on the situations within the organisation and there is the opportunity to agree real action points during the day.  Below is a general outline. 



  • To provide a structured session on roles and responsibilities for the trustees and staff of an organisation.



  • To develop understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the staff and trustees.
  • To identify the skills, strengths and experience brought to the organisation by its trustees and staff.
  • To understand the value of prioritising and planning in relation to the development of an organisation.
  • To examine the process of how an organisation’s meetings work and identify any changes where appropriate.

Workshop themes

Vision –

Why does your organisation exist?

What is important to you in meeting the needs of the organisation?

Why are you a trustee of /work for this organisation?

Perceptions –

How would you measure your success as a Trustee?

How would you measure the success of the organisation?

Roles and Responsibilities – practical exercise

What does the Board of Trustees do for the organisation?

What does the staff do for the organisation?

What skills do you bring to this organisation? 

Prioritising and Planning ­–

How would you decide what is most urgent and important? 

How do you resolve your differences and priorities? 

Mechanics of Effective Meetings – What makes a bad meeting?

Preparation prior to the meeting?

The perfect Agenda layout.

What happens during and after a meeting?

What changes if any could you try for your meetings in the future?

“Really useful and valuable training. Very good tutor, great handouts and tips.”
Executive Committee Member
Bury Asian Women's Centre
“The course helped to reinforce the roles and responsibilities of committee and staff. The agenda discussion and listening to members of the exec gave me an insight into their expectations and perceptions that I may have previously been unaware of. Enjoyed the course, it flowed well, easily understood and a good mix of experience. Many thanks - enjoyable day!”
Rita Liddell

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