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Understanding Strategy

Understanding Strategy


Strategic planning helps organisations to be clear about their aims, identify potential future directions and make best use of their resources. In this introduction you will learn about effective planning mechanisms, practice putting these into place and understand how the planning cycle works.  You will explore the definition of strategy in terms of the role your organisation plays in contributing to the wider Voluntary and Community Sector process.  It is aimed at those people involved in / or have an interest in strategy in relation to the Voluntary Sector.



  • To develop an understanding of the role strategic planning plays in the success of an organisation.


  • To be aware of effective planning mechanisms.
  • To know how to put planning mechanisms in place.
  • To understand how the planning cycle works.
  • To understand what strategy means in relation to you, an organisation and the wider societal context.
  • To understand the process of scenario planning as a tool for strategic planning.

Workshop themes

What is business planning?

Why plan?  What is the value of planning?  What are your motives?

The six stages of business planning

Practical exercise - Four word build

The Planning Cycle 

Linking planning to the roles and responsibilities of management committee members

What is strategic management? Reaching a definition. 

Classical strategy theory

Using planning tools such as: 

  • Key events planning
  • Milestone planning
  • Gantt chart planning

Practical planning exercise

A prioritising model

Recognising the strategic behaviour of organisations in the Voluntary Sector

Understanding and applying scenario planning as a strategic planning tool

Practical strategic debate exercise

Understanding the strategic role of organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector, various forums and the Local Strategic Partnership

Individual action plans using SMART action plan forms

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