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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation - How Well Are We Doing? 

It is hard to know where we are going to if we do not know where we are coming from.  Monitoring and evaluation are critical tools of an organisation’s work.  Often we undertake evaluation in an ad hoc manner which is a ‘with hindsight learning experience’, almost a casual reflection on how we are doing.  This course looks at the relevance and value of a structured approach to monitoring and evaluation.  It also looks at skills and techniques that could be used for both new and existing projects.  Monitoring and evaluation can help you formulate policy, focus direction and apply for funding.  You can, not only learn from disappointments but it can help you celebrate your successes too.


  • This course will allow participants to fully understand the process of monitoring and evaluating in a participatory way with beneficiaries.


  • To define what monitoring and evaluation is and why we should do it.
  • To understand the purpose and value of a participatory process.
  • To identify areas where monitoring and evaluation feedback is necessary.
  • To learn a range of practical techniques of participatory evaluation.
  • To design appropriate techniques to serve specific activities.

Workshop Themes

What is monitoring? Why should we monitor?  Who should do this?

What is evaluation?  Why should we evaluate?  Who should do this? 

Why monitoring and evaluation?  What’s the difference?

Applying the model of service quality to an organisation/community group

Identifying the gaps between perception and reality through evaluation

Why participatory?  Understanding the participatory approaches:  Surveys, focus groups, events, feedback forms, interviews, case studies, visual art projects, mystery shoppers etc.

Matching appropriate evaluation approaches to specific activities in your organisation

Drafting the planning and structure to be used for a chosen approach

Sharing the created evaluation approaches and discussion on practicalities and commitment

Identification for the use of information gathered, methods of presentation

Links to the outcomes approach and overall impact process


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